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Grand Launch of LEXMA in Thailand

Jun 14, 2007

A press conference held in Thailand for the launch of LEXMA. LEXMA makes use of its advance technologies, Nano and Laser technology, to create the innovative NanoGuard series products.

Launching of Health Nano-coated mouse [14 Jun 2007. 18:14]


Mr.Thomas Hongpakdee, Managing Director of Smart ID Group and Mr.Alex Fu, Vice President of Acrox-Lexma Co., Ltd. from Taiwan, have joined the congratulations with the presenter in the press conference of newly launched brand, Lexma, in Thailand. Lexma has empowered its hi-class technology with Silver-Nano which can let the mouse 99.99% germs-free. The event is arranged at venue Caf茅鈥?Allur, The Esplanade.