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LEXMA is a brand for the new generation serving the worldwide multimedia product market. Over the years, LEXMA has spanned the globe. By locating its head office and marketing team in the US, LEXMA can promptly acquire the latest information and ride the wave of the newest developments in the global market. The company has conducted research all over the world to ensure that we have taken advantage of every innovation in developing our international brand. 

To provide its customers with innovative and ingenious products, LEXMA is making use of the latest cutting-edge multi-national technology for development by the engineering team in Taiwan. We make use of Nano-coating technology from Russia, Full Speed Engine tech from the United States, and Taiwanese (PixArt

Imaging Inc.) and Danish (OPDI Technologies ApS) laser technology. By making use of the top technological advances from around the world, LEXMA can provide products that are second to none.

Quality is our main priority and customer satisfaction is central goals for the company. LEXMA has high quality's OEM base, so we can provide customers with affordable products of the highest standard under the company's unique brand. It is LEXMA's vision to create a global brand offering top of the line products and service through a global chain of engineering, manufacturing, and marketing.

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